Nox Greengrass the blind reaper

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Über mich
Über mich


senior year | 17 years | 07.12.2000 | sagittarius | slytherin | pureblood | born blind | inglorious bastard
self concious ; weak ; self destructive ; rotten ; lost ; aggressive ; sad ; serious ; humorless
sees the world in colors | is never alone | fidgets a lot | tiny white scars on hands and wrists | rough skin
cruel ; sassy ; intelligent ; anxious ; addicted to acknowledgement ; ambitious ; angry
big bad brother | the "popular" kid everyone likes and talks to but no one gets that he isn't joking when he says
you smell like shit and you're annoying as heck

protective ; loving ; hurt ; desperate for love ; weak to her smile ; scared of blue


wand ; rosewood ; 12 in. ; thestralhair ; hard
white tailed stag ; patronus
erised ; -
his fathers voice ; boggart
amortentia ; mint ; oranges ; cinammon


» Nox was fairly tall for his eastern heritage, tall and lanky and thin. Broad shoulders formed a lean body, a slim waist that turned into oh so long legs. A fair but light amount of defined Muscles graced his torso. Most of his life he'd been underweight, this changed as he made his
growth spurt when he was fourteen. His hands had been graceful big and strong hands with long fingers and slight veins that creeped their way up his arm. If you took a closer look, you could see the tiny white scars that made his skin rough and his hands calloused. They were old scars, already healed and faded a long time ago.

The boy had a very fair skintone, not really fitting into the genes that were passed down on him by his mother and could look paperthin on
his bad days. His head was covered by tousled black hair that never wanted to stay in just one place - and the boy himself never really bothered with taming his hair or making it into a hairstyle. Most of the time it was combed back, but fell into his eyes anyway, nearly covering the dark - nearly black eyes that lay in the almond shaped eyes that made his existence that much more miserable. Those eyes were clouded by a faint layerof cloudy grey that indicated his condition. Above those stern eyes laid two dark and defined eyebrows that made the boy look older as he was. They gave him a look of anger, of disaproval. Down to a strong nose and pouty thin lips, framed in by a strong jawline and a long neck.

Too bad that the boy never saw himself in a mirror. He was truly handsome. «


» you disordered my bones and broke my mind « ; leopold greengrass ; 63 ; father
mother ; 34 ; irene greengrass / born wang ; » you loved me even though i never felt it «
» you're too young to be hated but it hurts to hear you say these things « ; luna greengrass ; 14 ; sister
grandfather ; astorius greengrass ; 95 ; » you spat on me when i was on my lowest desperate for help «

» it still hurts «


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