Nox Greengrass the blind reaper

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Über mich

the blind reaper

pureblood → slytherin → sagittarius → 17.12.2000 → 190cm → 69 kg → brother → son → cousin → grand son → ••••
wished bastard friend amortentia → cinnammon, mint, oranges •• patronus → white tailed stag •• wand → rosewood,••••
12in. thestralhair, hard •• erised → nothing. ••boggart → his daddy'os voice → shame to the family → black sheep •••••••
lost and closed off soul → hurt and sarcastic → anxiety driven → selfprotective → honest → direct → rude → loyal••••••
rude → loyal → "synesthethical racist" → is probably not talking to you → loner → likes long walks doesn't like long ••
doesn't like long walks with company → doesn't like company in general → gets nervous in orowds → → picks at his ••••
fingers → blushes in awkward situations → makes cruel jokes → is serious most of the time with his jokes was fairly •••••
popular in hogwarts → doesn't understand why → never had a girlfriend →is scared of girls→ doesn't let him be touched
has a conversation problem → gets hurt twice a day → loves letters actually → never admits that he actually likes being •
babied → owns a house elf named speedy → that elf is a free elf → he actually gifted him clothes when he was four → •••

white skin → corpse like pale → tall → asian heritage → broad shoulders → long legs → narrow waist → big hands ••••••
long fingers → scars on both hands→ small slim scars → nearly faded but can be felt when touched → pouty lips → sharp
jawline → dark brows → resting face → dark slightly milky and empty eyes → hoarse deep voice → sounds like he is •••
sick → talks in a slow lazy way → why should he waste his time talking in a haze → muscular torso → abs and arms ••••••
did some sports, the blind boy - eh → you need something to do when liing in a cage → black hoodies → dark jeans → •••••
jackets → has started to wear chains around his neck→a slave should show his nature proud and open→ dim colors••••••••••

family → doesn't talk about them → is hated by them → longs for familiar comfort → feels caged, feels like a slave ••••••••
grandfather → astorius phineas greengrass → cold hearted bastard→ treats him like a stranger→ probably wants him to die
calls him a shame probably twice a day→ uses him for a bad example to his sister→ is a cold hearted, ruthless business man
CEO of Greengrass Inc. and proud→became a machine after his wife died → thinks everybody around him is an idiot •••••••
became a machine after his wife died → thinks everybody around him is an idiot → treats his own son like a dumb servant••
father → leopold charles greengrass→ daddy - yo → managed to impregnate a teenager and was forced to marry her •••••••••
produced a blind kid and blamed the mother → dipshit → has a major problem with aggression → opressed by his daddy •••
astroius → is more focused on whoring himself into an early grave than on raising his children → is responsible for all of •••
nox scars → in an out → stopped abusing nox when he was fourteen → asshole→ failed hardcore at parenting ••••••••••••••••
mother → irene greengrass nee. wang→ insane → manipulative → thinks she is a good mother now → regrets that she ••••••
missed her childrens whole childhood → told and taught nox how to build muscle → wants to destroy her husbands position
uses nox for her advantage→ trains him to be a business man→against his will of course→knows he is being manipulated →
feels he has to obey her → wants to make her happy → even though he doesn't feel very loved by her ••••••••
sister → luna elizabeth greengrass → golden child → princess of slytherin → neglected and manipulative child → ••••••••••••
nox wants to help her but doesn't → know how → she knows her grandfather and her father are treating her brother bad → ••
she is too scared to be treated that as well to speak out → build herself an easy to manipulate circle of friends → needs••••••••
someone to save her → abused and alone → scared and angry at the world → deep down misses her brother and her grandma
cousin dearest → valora greengrass→ the only person in his family that he likes → she feels like a big sister → ••••••••••••••••
he is protective around her and dares to open up when being with her → warm and sunny red → they share mutual feelings to
their family→ seeing the games that are being played → would do just about anything for her → is very loyal to her→ doesn't
care at all for her friends and she knows that → she gets him and he gets her → worlds best cousin award goes to her ••••••••••

friends → has only a few → doesn't think that he really is friend-material → is extremely loyal to them → kinda grateful for
galina popowa→ first self made friend in school → trained with her → managed to be close to the lake without fainting ••••••
thinks she is annoying but loves her with all his heart → they are a strange duo → completely different from one another → •
but they stick together like glue, like siblings → she is the only one who knows of the abuses his father did to him → he tells
her things he wouldn't tell anyone else → great love → much friends → share the same braincell → stupid shit together → ••
margo viatrix burke → childhood friend → it's a pureblood thing → met as children → like to be silent and angry together→
both hate the world → he likes her enough to breathe around her → playing pranks on the other → humiliating each other •••
and calling the other names → sitting close → he doesn't think she is as spiteful as others do → he actually likes her → ••••••
like honestly → maybe they both just have bad taste in friendships → love→ but like the bitch face kinda love that scares ppl
fionn maddox kearney→ weird ass dude he kinda befriended while visiting the infirmary all day every day→ thinks he dumb
love-hate each other → making ••totally unfunny jokes together → fionn is annoying as fuck → always → •••••••••••••••••••
nox does not know why he likes him → deep comforting violett → they share some phobias → infirmary talks that don't fit in
are both idiots who don't know their place in the world → deep in their heads they know they love each other → urgh, love ••
malee bishop→ the other → the special one→ the one that scares him the most→ light blue clouds → he kinda crushes on her
he is mad for her → he is the good friend → hurting everyday to see her happy with whoever she wants to be → too shy and •
insecure to actually do shit→ thinks every day of her→ doesn't want to admit that he crushes on her→ nobody knows that ••••
he's crushing on her → the pure kind of love → the warm anf fuzzy kind of love → but hurts the most when one sided → •••••
rosemary roth→ the small one → he kinda thinks she is cute → cute like a small animal not like a girl → likes her voice ••••••
and her mind → loves her letters → is lowkey scared for her being hurt → thinks her fantasy of love is pure and cute → •••••••
lowkey sees himself as the devil lurking in her shadow because she is just so cute → he doesn't really know if they are friends •
or if they just are "take-a-walk-buddies" → his heart loves her already so welp too late now to leave that pretty baby soul •••••

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