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Über mich
Über mich
I am
a caring mother | a ladylike witch | a successful teacher
Isabelle Cecilia Nott

Family always comes first

► Charles Conan Nott ◄
Husband | Curse Breaker at Gringotts
He's the love of my life. Always has been and always will be. I know it can be rough sometimes but he's changed my life for the better.

► Charles Roysten Nott ◄
Firstborn son | Worker at the Ministry of Magic
I'm so proud of Roysten. He meets all of our expectations: A strong and talented wizard who's worth being a Nott.

► Derrick Salazar Nott ◄
Secondborn son | Hogwarts graduate
He's never been the bad boy. He's caring and smart. And he'll always be my son. How could I not love him? I just hope he knows that.

► Elvina Claire Nott ◄
Daughter | Hogwarts student
My little princess. I can't believe how fast she's grown into a little lady. I wish I still had control over her life like I did before she went to Hogwarts.

But where do my roots lay?
I was born and raised in England. And I'm a Nott now. That's all you need to know.


· Affectionate and caring
· Arrogant and ambitious
· Worried and
· Smart and curious
· Warily and emotional
· Polite and talkative
· Traditional and idealistic
· Surficial
· Loving

The things I love

· Visiting friends
· Cloaks and dresses
· Traditions
· Quills
· Writing articles for the Daily Prophet
· Reading
· Balls and ballroom dancing

Auch unterwegs als:

Patrick C. O'Rourke | Sahir A. Kaswan
Persönliche Informationen
12. Dezember 1964 (54)