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Über mich
Über mich

born and raised in chicago | september 3rd 1996 | american accent | london girl
so-called pureblood | junkie | artist | political activist | aconite member | hipster trash

tumblr famous | triwizard champion | lone wolf | little sister | party animal | dealer
the howling monkshood | cigarettes and wine | loyal lion heart | potion master

"Magic is what defines us all!
What makes you magical, Ms Martini, hm?
What makes you so damn special?"

that old hat put me into gryffindor back in the day. doesn't matter now though. i graduated in 2016 after having to to the seventh grade twice because of lebitchstrange | i was top of my class in potions. i also aced herbology| my armortentia smells of oil paints, smoke and a slight hint of whiskey. the expensive kind | i am scared of change and of time running out. guess my boggart would be a ticking clock orsomethin' | no idea if i can even do a patronus charm, but if i could it'd probably be a cat, which sucks. i am a dog person | i have heard rumours of that stupid mirror of erised. i would see the world as it should be without hate towards those without a voice | my wand is nothing special. it is long, it is brown, it does the job | yeah, i got my newts. a few at least. an e in potions and herbology and a few others. don't matter

fuck yeah i love my family. my mom can be a bitch sometimes. her name is chelsea and she lives in chicago. she looked after me most of my life. i gotta be thankful. | my dad is like this typical country man smiley face. always in a good mood, always painfully cheerio. he loves his farm in ottery st. catchpole and i do too. bob martini is a hero, man. i'm glad i live closer now | my brother jordan is already married to his lovely ophelia who is like a sister to me. gosh, those two are the best. they are thinking of moving over to england as well. | then there is kaya. my sister is anything but ordinary. she can be scary at times and takes her job way to seriously. but nonetheless she is my sister and i ain't giving her up for anything in the world. | last but not least fat rosie and big ol' mauve. they are my dogs. one is an english bulldog and the other a great dane. weird mix i know. they are as lovely as they are stupid. they also act like an old married couple sometimes

hobbys is such a gross word. sounds like a junior doing yoga class or somethin'. no thanks, man. i can tell you what i like though. | art is one thing. i am not good at it or anything but i like doin' it and i like looking at it. also artists are better people, i've known it all along | potions has always been a passion of mine. i am good at it. even made up a few recipes myself back in the day. now i use this talent to my advantage and the boys benefit from it too | also: drugs. fuck man, i take too many i know. a little firewhiskey here and a bit of a potion full of happiness there. dragontea is the shit. don't tell me that it ain't good for me. i know what. i am not stupid. i just don't care. junkie or not. whatever. | that doesn't stop me from being politcally involved though. i don't work for the ministry or something shit like that. but i kinda brought the aconite movement to england with me and we fight together for equal rights for all demi-humans out there

who cares what i look like? | yeah, sure, back in the day i was prettier or whatever. hair on point, outfits so cool and trendy and all that shit. i cared a lot about that sorta thing. fashion is a way of art, really | i liked the grunge style in particular but also anything that was considered street style. baggy t-shirt with tights and a messy bun on top. to parties i'd wear tonnes of make up and clothes that could be considered skimpy | at the moment i don't feel so well. made me not care. i don't shower often and i just pick random clothes from the floor. also i ain't eating much. i am a skinny bitch now. and i am pale as fuck. i look the part. the junkie-part.

you ask about my friends? well that has always been a bit fucked but i kept a few over the years | most importantly there are by two boys. jonathan is the love of my life. i used to fuck around but now i just want to stick with him. we both screwed up by screwing other people but that's over now. it is all good | ilian is my second house mate and also my best friend. we have been close ever since we were little. we even shared a grossly wet first kiss. i would trust him with my life if it ever came to that |then there is rude. he found me in the darkest of times and kept me alive. though he has some shit of his own going on, with being a werewolf and all that, he has been my anchor in the storm | next comes lily. what a crazy bitch but a wonderful one. people often think we are sisters because we are so similar. we share a lot. for example the work at the howling monkshood | i also have to talk about layla and riley. we had our differences. we are not as close anymore. but i can fix it. i will fix it | last but not least there is someone i don't like to talk about. christian is kind of my godfather but there is something odd about him. i don't know what it is but it's something seriously fucked up. oh also we fucked.

outdated plot

Table of Content

Chapter I....................................August 17th | Nice to Meet You... Or is It?
Chapter II.................................August 12th | Got A Secret Can You Keep It?
Chapter III............September 8th | In Times of Desperation We Seek out God
Chapter IV.......................................October 9th | Troublemaker & Lifesaver
Chapter V.......................................October 11th | Strategies of a Heartbreak
Chapter VI..................................................November 19th | Brother-in-Law
Chapter VII..............November 20th | Goodbye, my Lover. Goodbye, my Friend
Chapter VIII.......January 5th | Healing Takes Time. Forgetting Takes Forever.
Chapter IIX................................................January 29th | Letters Never Send
Chapter IX...................................February 4th | One Hand Washes the Other


.::The Ex-Boyfriend::.
__Jonathan Lucas Havisham__

You fucked my best friend? Well, so did I.
You love me? So do I.
You are aching? So am I.
You forgive me? No, I cannot.

.::The Best Friend::.
____Ilian Ramsay Vassilev____

Do not give me up, I beg you.
I need you to hold my life together.
Even if yours is breaking apart.

.::The First Lady::.
_____Layla Havisham______

You stole the name that I was meant to have.
Yet you made no mistake.
You are not at fault.
You never were.

.::The New Girl::.
______Riley Montrose______

You know what love feels like?
You think you suffer pain?
You are young and naive.
Take my hand, I'll show you life.

.::The Accomplice::.
______Deverell Burton______

You are addicted to the moon.
I am addicted to the high.
You ease my pain.
I ease your fear.

Also Starring

__.:The Big Sister:.__
Kaya Martini

_.:The Guardian Angel:._
Katherine McKenna

:.The Secondary Addiction:.
Christian Kavanagh

_:.The Brother-in-Law:._
James Havisham

Also, also Starring


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