The softest pain on earth must be the pain au chocolat. [Charakterplanung]

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    • The softest pain on earth must be the pain au chocolat. [Charakterplanung]


      Shawn Theodore Hamilton
      Shawn. Shawnie. Ham. Theo. Theodore. Marshmallow. Hamilton.

      15yo hufflepuff af muggleborn london boy dreamer

      Do not be hardened by the pain
      and cruelty of this world.
      Be strong enough to be gentle,
      to be soft and supple like running water,
      gracefully bending around sudden turns,

      naive pure dreamy sporty helpful creative stupid meek manipulable emotionally weak-willed musically is still looking for his place

      dark brown eyes curls in the same color silver necklace with a cross denim jackets 180cm and 76kg fingertips with chipped nails white teeth very light freckles nose ring always smiling, always laughing light brown skin orange cat hair all over the place warm, deep voice that seems to follow a melody when talking fairly large hands, the fingertips always appear a little rough

      lithely waving in strong winds,

      freely flowing over sharp rocks,
      all the while quietly sculpting
      this hard world into ever deeper beauty,
      gently eroding rigid rock into silken sand,

      tenderly transforming human cruelty
      into humankindness.
      Remember, true strength is not found in the stone,
      but in the water that shapes the stone.

      Was wird gesucht?

      Das Mädchen, mit dem er seinen ersten Kuss gehabt haben kann (vor zwei Jahren) Freunde, Feinde und der andere Kram Plotpartner! Literally anything! Let's get creative! Musiker - maybe we can be a band! softies, sweathearts and other naive hearts classmates (5th year after summerbreak)

      [Ja, hier war mal ein anderes Gesuch. Ja, ich habe mich unentschieden.]

      @Freya V. Scott hat Zauberhände <3

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